What we do

Technical Services

TOP-GLASS-REPLACEMENTOur goal is make your repair quick and easy as possible. Most devices that are brought in for repairs are usually done in 30 minutes or less on site. Your phone is in the best hands possible when you bring it to any of our Smartphone Repair Center locations to have your device fixed. We have expert repair technicians at each of our locations who perform major and minor repairs on a daily basis. We fix ALL  smart phones, iPods, iPads, computers, and tablets. For the best quality repair possible, with the best prices and service, Smartphone Repair Center is always here 7 days a week to serve your needs for any repair.

Cracked Screen

CRACKED-SCREENSo your screen is now cracked, what do you do? The first thing you need to know is what part of the screen is broken. Every smart phone consists of 2 layers that make up the screen. The outer glass which protects the inner LCD screen and for most models senses the touch is called a digitizer. The digitizer’s main role is to protect your LCD as well as assist the touch function that enables you to navigate through your device with your finger. If your digitizer is broken then for most models we are able to replace your digitizer only. Now if your LCD is broken your phone will not display any picture or there will be discoloration as well as lines that shoot across the screen which will cause your device to not display an image properly or not display anything at all. Whether it is a digitizer replacement or LCD replacement, our expert repair technicians can fix any screen regardless of how shattered it is. We promise that our job is cleaner and more precise than the other competitors guaranteed.

Keypad or Button Failure

If either some or all of your keys are not working, we will open your device to diagnose the problem. After troubleshooting and inspecting the device one of our technicians will determine what part of your device has failed or if any connections are ripped or defective and give you an estimate on the spot.

LOCA (Liquid Optically Clear Adhesive) Top Glass Replacement


When your screen is cracked but your display and touch is functioning correctly we are able to replace just the top glass on your phone and restore the screen back to its original state looking and functioning brand new again. Most devices already have the LOCA glue that holds the screen onto the LCD but when we do the top glass replacement we have to remove the existing glue. Without the LOCA glue the phone stills functions but you lose about 5-10% touch sensitivity so if you play a lot of games on your phone or use the swipe feature a lot we recommend the application of the LOCA glue for your top glass replacement. We first remove the broken glass on your screen then we have to remove the glue. After that we clean the LCD and it is spotless then we apply the LOCA glue and cure the glue under a UV light so the glue hardens and forms into one with the top glass and LCD. This procedure can take up to 2 hours for repair due to the repair time of replacing the top glass and the application of the LOCA glue.

Cell Phone locking up or freezing

If you phone is freezing up or locking up while you are trying to use your device our technicians will be able to diagnose that problem on the spot as well. Phones lock up and freeze for many reasons. Some of the reasons could be due to water damage corrosion, impact from dropping your device causing one or more of the IC Chips to be out of place, or from the device getting old and certain parts go faulty. When our technicians open up your phone we will be able to pin point the exact problem and let you know what needs to be fixed.

Will not take a charge

CHARGING-PORTSamsung devices are probably the most devices we repair for a faulty charging port. Our experience over the years made us realize that Samsung devices have a very weak charging port and over time it tends to go bad. Smartphone Repair technicians work with several Samsung models to fix their charging port and we are the best. The reason why charging ports go bad is when your device does not make proper contact from your charger to the logic board. Tiny metal contacts are soldered to your logic board which allows the current to flow throughout your device and charge your battery so your device can sustain power. Once the charging port on your main board is lifted up, bent, or broken off, your phone will no longer charge the battery. Charging port replacements are very difficult if you have no experience in soldering and it is highly recommended that a trained repair technician performs this repair.  When extracting your old charging port off your logic board you must have the correct amount of heat, precision, and skill to successfully remove the charging port and solder on a new one. Misaligning or re-soldering the charging port incorrectly will result in shocking your logic board and damaging your phone which may result in ruining your phone completely beyond repair.  Our expert technicians specialize in replacing charging ports in a short amount of time with the same quality as the manufacturers if not better.

Damaged housing and faceplates

TABLET-DIGITIZER-REPLACEMENTIf you have a broken frame, back cover, or just annoying scratches that make your phone look ugly we can replace them with brand new OEM parts. We carry housing’s for most cell phone manufacturers and guarantee an OEM fit. We also provide housings, faceplates, camera lenses, and glass screens to keep your phone operating and looking the way it did when you first purchased it.

Power Button Replacement

If your devices power button is not working then we can fix that issue too. Through our years of experience we have noticed that iphone 4 power buttons seem to go bad because they tend not to click which allows the metal contacts to touch which is why your power button does not work. Also the iphone 5 also has an issue where the power button clicks but nothing happens. For both apple products when we replace your power button flex it resolves the issue and every customers phone that we fix for their power button issue have never returned. Also with the Samsung Galaxy S, S2, and S3 devices they also have an issue with the power button where the device shuts down the screen on its own or the device will not boot up when your power on your device. This is a common issue that our technicians at Smartphone Repair Center have found out over the years of our experience repairing customers phones.

Water Damage

WATER-DAMAGEIf your phone has water damage, Smartphone Repair Center has a 50% of higher chance of diagnosing the issue and recovering your phone. When your phone has water damage we recommend you follow these exact steps. First, you must remove the device from water as quickly as possible. Second, take the battery out as soon as possible because the longer the phone is wet and has an electrical current it was corrode your phone and destroy your device beyond recovery. Third, if possible bring it to any of our Smartphone Repair Center locations to have your device cleaned, and dried through our state of the art technology. The faster you bring it in the better our chances of recovering your device.  (If you cannot make it in to any of our locations then we recommend you stick it in a dry bag of rice for 48 hours but this is not a guaranteed fix) Even if your device works properly if any moisture or water makes contact with any other IC chips your phone can slowly start to break down and become unrecoverable.