Water Damage Repairs

For water damaged phones we do not know what has gone bad until we open up
the phone and inspect it from the inside. When the phone is water damaged
the first thing we do when we take in the device is disassemble the whole
phone and remove all the liquid inside the phone and completely dry it off
as well as remove any corrosion that usually occurs when the phone is wet
and has been turned on. Then we will re-solder any burnt connections and 
if a certain part on the device is not working we will test it with our 
tester parts that we have in stock for most models to see if that resolves
the issue. If your phone is dropped in water we recommend that you bring it
to our Repair Center A.S.A.P. because the sooner you bring it in the better
chances we have of fully repairing your device.

Water Damage Repair cost: $69 (please read the description below)

Estimated Repair Time: 2-3 hours
For this repair we charge a $20 diagnostics fee (non-refunable) up front
and if we are successfully able to repair your device without using any
parts then we charge an additional $49. 

If for some reason we are not able to repair your device then the 
$20 diagnostics fee is non-refundable due to the time and labor we 
put into attempting to repair your device.

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