About us

How did Smartphone Repair Center become one the best repair centers in the cell phone repair industry?

Doug C. (Company founder) and Our company’s employees started off first working for one of the largest national service providers in the wireless industry since 1999. Over the years of helping customers with issues with their service and plans once and a while a customer would bring a broken phone in which we were not able to help them because they did not have insurance to fix their phone. That left the customer with only one option which was to buy a new phone for the full retail price or a used phone somewhere on their own.

Our team members always felt bad and wished we could do something more for the customer. Just a few years back there were no repair stores to be found and then one of our co-workers decided it was time to move on and make a change. He gathered all of us and decided to launch a company with a new concept which was to be the best cell phone repair center in the industry so we could offer those without insurance a cheaper alternative and a quality repair.

Smartphone Repair Center now has become a business opportunity which is run individually by co-owners working together to make sure you get the best customer service and best quality repair for your broken device. All of our employees have gone through intensive training down to the last detail so you know when you bring you device to get fixed you can rest assured because it is in the hands of skillful technicians who value and care about your phone and want you to walk out happy with your phone working again.

So what makes us different from all other cell phone repair stores you ask? All of our locations are run by individual co-owners so we take our job very seriously and want customers to walk out happy so they can refer us to all their friends. Our goal is to make sure the customer is a 100% satisfied and stand out from the rest of the repair centers. We know your time is valuable so we repair most devices in 30 minutes or less and we give you a 90 day warranty with all repairs done at our store. We are confident that after you get your device repaired from any of our locations that you will know that Smartphone Repair Center is the best place to go to get your phone repaired.

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